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Computer Repair San Diego

Tech Pros specializes in setting up and supporting Office 365 for small businesses. Our process begins by assessing the specific needs of your business and understanding your goals. We then guide you through the setup process, assisting with the creation and configuration of user accounts, email domains, and security settings. We ensure a seamless migration of your existing email and files to the Office 365 environment, minimizing downtime and data loss. Once set up, our dedicated team provides ongoing support, handling user inquiries, troubleshooting issues, and assisting with software updates and feature enhancements. With our expertise in Office 365, we help streamline your business operations, improve collaboration, and enhance productivity, all while providing prompt and reliable remote support.Create documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more with our wide array of Microsoft Office suites available from Microsoft. For the business professional looking to decide between perpetual licensing and the subscription-based Office Enterprise, read our  Office 2016 vs E3 article to get more acclimated with your best option.

Looking for one of the older suites such as Office 2010? Take a look at our blog concerning the availability of Office 2010 and how the benefits of the newer editions have made buying newer editions a no-brainer! For microsoft assistance in San Diego Call us today.

Computer Repair San Diego
Tech Pros San Diego
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